Anka and René are walking on the beach
      playing violin and guitar. The sun is shining and white waves are breaking in the background.
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Don't Stop Loving The World

Nobutthefrog play enchanting indie folk that reminds their audience of the beauty that lies hidden in the world. The harmonies between violin, guitar and two-part vocals open up a space for connection, peace and a sense of what really matters.

The duo is always drawn out into the world to find happiness and inspiration for life in nature and by the sea. Their songs take you into the here and now, setting impulses for all the new things that are waiting for you. Nobutthefrog encourage you through their songs: You are in control of your life, so start creating it!

» Don't Stop Loving The World
Official Video «


Anka and René are playing their music together in the forest. They are playing on
            Violin and Guitar.